Equality and Freedom

I believe in protecting Constitutional Rights and Individual Liberties for all Texans. This includes protecting the 2nd Amendment while working to pass sensible gun control to keep mass casualty weapons out of the hands of those who wish to cause harm.
A woman’s right to choice and privacy in her decision is paramount. We cannot cherry pick and view some constitutional rights as valid while discounting others.
I believe strongly and will fight for the rights and protections of all LGBT+ Texans. This includes fighting against the bans on adoptions to same sex parents.
Religious freedom MUST be protected. If a religious organization were to be taxed, it wouldn’t be long before the government would control that organization and that is fundamentally wrong. However, freedom from religion is just as important. There needs to be a clear and defined separation between church and state. The greatest aspect of our country is our diversity. We can coexist and respect each other’s cultures and religions without holding each other to religious rule that we do not adhere to.

A Healthy and Safe Texas

Texas leads the developed world in maternal mortality rates. It is absolutely unacceptable that this severe issue is occurring in one of the most advanced countries in the world, let alone one of the strongest state economies in our country. Texas women deserve and must have access to safe and affordable healthcare.
CHIP and Medicaid are essential to our society. Our most vulnerable citizens, young Texans and those from low income families, need access to affordable healthcare. I promise to be a voice for maintaining funding for these essential programs.
We must hold corporations accountable for the messes they create. If you are fortunate enough to capitalize off of Texas’ economy and resources, there must be an obligation to maintain the environment and adhere to safety regulations and EPA standards.
Education is an embarrassment in Texas. Our state has not made education a priority and that must change immediately. We are witnessing the long term effects of budget cuts to public education by the state legislature. Texas ranks in the bottom 10 the nation in per pupil spending and far below the national average. The state needs to pay it’s fair share, period. If we cannot provide a solid and worthy academic foundation, we are setting them up for failure.
Appropriating the money for retired teachers to keep their healthcare premiums and deductibles affordable was a promise made to public school teachers and needs to be kept. As a lifelong product of public schools, I promise to fight for public educators- retired and active.
A fear of deportation stemming from the Abbott administration is directly impacting our communities and is rapidly creating a dangerous trend. In Texas’ largest city alone, sexual assault reports by Hispanic women are down 40% from the same period last year. HPD Chief Art Acevedo believes this is the beginning of sexual assaults going unreported. We cannot allow this to continue and let our communities fall into a state of terror.
Child Protective Services needs a huge overhaul. Children in the foster care system deserve so much better than what Texas has given them. This will be a top priority of mine.
Advancing the medical marijuana industry in Texas would be beneficial in numerous ways. Fiscally, it would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs and add millions to our state’s economy. Medical marijuana would also be a preferred alternative for many Texans who suffer from a multitude of diseases and disorders. The opioid epidemic is out of control and an alternate medicinal source could potentially save thousands of Texan lives. I also support programs such as the Harris County Marijuana Diversion Program.

Fiscal Efficiency 

There is no question that the current Texas administration is not even close to being “Fiscally Responsible”, as they like to claim. Governor Abbott sued the federal government 27 times while Obama was in office, including a lawsuit over transgender bathroom guidelines. This kind of spending is completely reckless and I believe that it is truly baffling that our budget is being used for partisan fighting. We need an administration that will not waste taxpayer money. Discrimination and hate is not the Texan way.
I do not support reckless spending fighting to push bills through that are blatantly discriminatory and unconstitutional. HB 214, the “rape insurance” bill, is a clear attack on women under the guise of religious freedom. The current Representative from District 23, Wayne Faircloth, was a co-sponsor of this bill.
Polls have shown that Texans overwhelmingly do not think bathroom bills are a priority for our legislature. We need our politicians to know that we as Texans would rather they focus on actual problems affecting our state instead of creating problems that do not exist.
The current Texas administration claims to be “Pro-Small Business,” but that is a lie. HB 3287 proves that this administration wants to put huge breweries over small craft beer breweries. As an employee of a small business, I want nothing more than for small businesses to succeed without being subject to unfair competition by way of bills that give large corporations an advantage.
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