As a lifelong Texan, I believe in Texas Values that promote the advancement and well being of all Texans.
Common Sense

Funding Public Education
The Public Education Crisis has hit public school students in Texas the hardest. I will fight every day to make sure our students are not being left behind by an administration that seeks to privatize public education.

Property Tax Reform
Property taxes have risen drastically due to the state pushing more and more off onto local districts. We must start by closing loopholes for the big commercial and industrial properties that take advantage of a system geared towards helping them.

Women’s Health
The Abbott Administration has gone blatantly against promoting Healthy Texas Women. I firmly believe that electing more women and including them in the political process will benefit Texas Women greatly. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure we combat the Maternal Mortality Rate that is plaguing our state.

Decriminalizing Marijuana & Path Towards Legalization
To start, I support a program along the lines of the Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion Program recently implemented in Harris County. Too often are we sending non violent offenders into the system where they are saddled with a criminal record. I support the advancement of Medical Marijuana in Texas with an eventual path towards legalization.

Safety in Schools
A top priority of mine is to make sure that we can reinforce the safety of our learning institutions. With the uptick in school shootings, it is imperative that the state can provide a safe learning space for students.

We teach our children to leave places better than when we found it. I believe the same concept should be applied to our environment. We only have one Planet Earth and we should be upholding and maintaining standards that protect our community from dangerous chemicals and practices that harm our community.

Efficiency in the State House
It is time to get the legislators out of the bathroom and back into the classroom. The state of Texas has spent far too much money on a special session and bills that do nothing to advance and promote the well being of Texans. I promise to fight for common sense and to bring reason and decency back to the Texas legislature.

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